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 Blanca Alabau

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From playing around as a kid to finding my true calling


Windsurfing has been my journey from just a fun game to something deeply meaningful. Growing up in a city far from the ocean, I spent my weekends driving to the coast, building a special connection with the sea that ended up shaping my whole life.


At 17, I gave up on the idea of becoming a professional windsurfer, thinking it was too ambitious. I tried to live a more "normal" life, but I couldn't find the motivation.


I kept longing for the life I had always dreamed of, but fear held me back. It wasn't until I realized that my true passion was in the intense competition and the constant drive to get better on the open water.


After a lot of hard work, I became a professional windsurfer. In 2023, I won my first World Title and Windfoil Speed Competition, breaking the record for the fastest windfoil speed ever recorded. The dream I once doubted is now a vivid reality.


Being a sports fanatic, I love the thrill of pushing speed limits and conquering big waves.


My three big goals:

- Inspire others with a documentary about my journey.

- Win another World Title.

- Break a World Record.


Come join me in chasing dreams, where passion turns into real accomplishments on the windy seas.



  • 1st Spanish winning a PWA SlalomWorldTourTittle 2023

  • - 2nd PWA Lake Garda (Italy) 

  • - 1st PWA Gran Canaria (Spain)

  • - 3rd PWA Fuerteventura (Spain)

  • - 2nd PWA Miura Kaigan (Japan)

  • Speed World Record on Windfoil  2022-23

  • - 1st Windfoil Le Palme (France)

  • -3rd Speed World Championship Le Palme  (braking my personal  speed record 38 knots/ 70kmh)

  • Winner Defi Wind Super Star 2021 (the biggest windsurfing event over 1000 participants)

  • 3rd PWA Slalom World Tour foil 2021

  • Vice World Champion formula foil 2019 

  • 4th PWA World Tour foil 2019

  • Top 10 at the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships 2012- 13 (Representing Spain)

Video from a final race in the Fuerteventura World Cup! Fighting from the last gybe to the finish line.



"Embark on a thrilling journey through my life as a professional windsurfer in an upcoming documentary series.

Across 8 captivating episodes, I'll share my passion, triumphs, and challenges, aiming to inspire and motivate you to chase your dreams. Join me on this exhilarating ride and discover the power of determination and resilience.

¨Don't miss the chance to be part of this incredible story!"

¨Soar beyow limists¨  

Embark with me on the dream of an extreme expedition to Lüderitz, where the most powerful winds are challenged. My goal is not only to surpass speeds in the Artificial Channel, where world records take shape, but also to explore and conquer the force of nature in this extraordinary corner.



Currently teaming up with awesome freelancers and big-name brands to make cool stuff happen. Grateful for the collaboration and looking forward to more epic projects together.



Ok Mobility





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